15 January 2017
Spotlight on Singapour

The Republic of Singapore is a city-state in south-east Asia. It is 719.1 km² in size and consists of 63 islands, with the main island being Pulau Ujong. Singapore has four official languages: English (widely used for business), Mandarin Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Singapore in figures:

  • 5,607,000 inhabitants

  • GDP/inhabitant: USD 52,960 in 2016

  • France’s 12th largest customer

  • + 2% growth in 2015/2016

2018 prospects:

  • The Singaporean economy is heavily dependent on international trade and was affected in 2016 by a slowdown in Chinese growth and the sluggishness of the global economy

  • A return to growth (+2.5%) expected for 2018

  • The city-state is doing all it can to attract and promote the development of foreign companies

Consumption trends:

  • Increasing demand for organic, healthy and ‘free-from’ products: launch of ‘Healthier Choice’ logo

  • Impact of international and in particular western standards: food safety

  • Consumers’ strong purchasing power and sophisticated palates have helped to ensure increasing demand for producer products (farmer products) and premium stores/storage

  • Nevertheless, some of the population prefer ‘discount’ products and are primarily seeking good value for money across all distribution channels

  • Strong tradition of out-of-home dining: regular attendance (4-5 days a week)

  • France is one of Singapore’s main suppliers (2nd behind Malaysia)

  • Wines and spirits make up the majority of these products (87.5% of total value), followed by dairy products and seafood products

  • France still has a prestigious image associated with high-quality products and traditional expertise

Source: "Where to export in 2018" by Business France (in French)