A new brand to boost your international sales!

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Food Agency has joined forces with InVivo, France’s top agricultural cooperative group, to provide agri-food companies with a new export marketing tool. The So France brand is designed to promote and sell French agricultural, agri-food and wine products, in particular those from Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

Born of a public-private partnership, the strong and evocative So France brand aims to:

  • Promote French gastronomy and the French way of life on an international stage

  • Introduce French food products to international markets in a sustainable way

  • Provide sources of growth and major export outlets for our agri-food SMEs

This will be achieved via the global rollout of concept stores, truly showcasing the So France brand and developing B2B sales.

The public partnership ensures a commitment to quality (accreditation committees, product texting, verification of specifications) and provides upstream order management tools, marketing and communication content, training tools and an overarching concept. The partnership in turn supplies investment, premises development, operational management of concept stores, B2B development, and regional deployment.

So France values

The So France brand represents an opportunity for French products and for Nouvelle-Aquitaine products in particular. It offers strong appeal linked both to the image of French culture and to consumers’ enthusiasm for ‘Made in France’.

The double meaning of So (‘sud-ouest’, or southwest, and the word ‘so’ itself) implicitly ties the south west to France whilst also emphasising the truly French side, capitalising on the concept of a French way of life.

This signature offers two complementary meanings:

  • A message of quality regarding products’ southwestern origins (high-quality products, expertise, traceability, health and environmental practices)

  • A reference to French good taste (conviviality, sharing, authenticity, ease, gastronomic delights, cultural treasures and landscapes)

Graphic setting

The So France brand:

So FranceSo France

Version for concept stores:

So France LogoSo France Logo

What are So France products?

So France’s range is made up of iconic French products, more than half of which are from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region: wines from Bordeaux and the south west, Cognac, Armagnac, foie gras from the south west, Bayonne ham, high-quality charcuterie and salted meats, cheese and deli foods, as well as champagne, Provence rosé, French cheese, olive oil, French bread and pastries, specialities and more. The aim is to introduce foreign consumers to authentic flavours whilst ensuring that the products remain traceable and of good quality.

French SIQO products (quality and origin certification) are de facto eligible for the So France brand.

All other products must adhere to the So France specifications and meet the standards of the Origine France Garantie label as a minimum. They are then tested and tasted by a selection panel.

To present your products to the So France selection panel, visit the Join us section.

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